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Stainless Steel Plate

Largest Single-Site Stainless Plate Inventory in North America

At Sandmeyer Steel Company, we take pride in maintaining the most extensive and diverse single-site stainless steel plate inventory in North America. With over 18 million pounds of on-site inventory, we are your go-to source for high-quality materials.

Comprehensive Range of Stainless Steel Plates

Our on-site inventory includes a wide variety of stainless steel plate grades suitable for numerous applications, including SSC-6MO, our superaustenitic 6% molybdenum alloy; a full line of 300 series austenitic stainless steel plates, which includes high heat-resistant stainless steels; 410 martensitic stainless steel plates; 410S ferritic stainless steel plates; duplex stainless steel plates, including "lean" and "super" duplex grades; and 17-4PH precipitation hardening stainless steel plates. Whether you need plates with exceptional corrosion resistance, high heat resistance, or outstanding strength, we have the perfect solution for your requirements.

Stainless Steel Plates