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Nickel Alloy Plate

Sandmeyer Steel Company's extensive inventory of nickel alloy plate is available to meet applications that require exceptional strength (even at high temperatures) and excellent resistance to severely corrosive environments.

Vessels, heat exchangers, pipes, pumps, valves, scrubbers, and other equipment components used in the marine engineering, chemical, petrochemical, hydrocarbon, thermal and food processing, oil and gas extraction, power generation, and pollution control industries are prime applications for these high-performance alloys. With over 100 pieces of plate processing equipment in-house, Sandmeyer can provide you with nearly any shape or configuration required.

Nickel, long used as an alloying element in thousands of alloys, is produced by a wide range of companies worldwide. It has an excellent track record for providing corrosion resistance, high strength at high temperatures, and aesthetic beauty in a wide range of applications. Nickel alloys are used today to provide cleaner and safer transportation, to provide clean food and water, to reduce emissions to air and water, to produce more durable products, to provide clean and renewable energy, and to provide efficient shipping and communications. It has become known as an "enviro-metal."