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Southeast OEM

Customer of <1 Year

Sandmeyer Steel Company starts with building a solid technical customer relationship, seeking to understand the application, then working collaboratively to achieve the best solution. They provided samples of material for head-up comparison, along with parameters to substantiate their claims of improved machining performance. Initial testing of SA316 EZ Drill Stainless at feeds and speeds increased by 30% over standard SA2316, cycle time reduction was 23.2% after factoring parasitic time. Once into production, Sandmeyer provided stock with each billet labeled including material grade, heat number, and customer ID — and all was packaged for shipment in solid wooden crates. We couldn't be happier with Sandmeyer Steel Company as a supplier for our program which ultimately provides components used by the US Department of the Navy in their high-speed marine powertrains.

Southeast Valve Manufacturer

Customer of 30+ Years

Our company has been working with Sandmeyer Steel Company for over 30 years as the main supplier of our raw material. Our relationship has been excellent with Sandmeyer Steel. Sandmeyer not only provides an exceptional product but also provides service without question:

  • Sandmeyer has helped us reduce costs by keeping material to a tight flatness tolerance- and when we need something special they have the machining capabilities to supply near net finished shapes
  • Sandmeyer even helps us when we get in a pinch by turning requests for quotes around quickly and supplying material with very short lead times

Southeast Expansion Joint Manufacturer

Customer of 20+ Years

From beginning the quotation to entering the physical order, all particulars are double checked for accuracy with regard to grade of material, dimension of part, ASME, ISO and PED requirements, etc. Advance Shipping Notice's advise status of the shipment, its carrier and includes the packing slip and a copy of the material test reports before arriving at its destination. All these things keep the possibilty for error at a minimum.

Southeast OEM

Customer of 20+ Years

Sandmeyer is truly an exceptional company. The customer service, quality, delivery, and everything from start to finish is honestly beyond expectations. When I place an order with Sandmeyer, I do not have to worry about packaging or quality, as I do with so many vendors as of late. Sandmeyers dedication, availability, and commitment to excellence contributes to our overall success. We are thankful for all you do!

Northeast Metal Fabricator

Customer of 20+ Years

Sandmeyer Steel is a high quality company and has a large inventory of stainless steel and alloy plates. They always provide material certs and have an excellent on-time delivery record. The staff is very knowledgeable and courteous and care about helping its customers. This is very important to our company especially when expediting fast turnaround jobs for our customer shutdowns. Excellent company.

Northeast Power Systems Technology Solutions Provider

Customer of 25+ Years

We value our relationship with Sandmeyer Steel! As a supplier for one of our critical product lines, their team works hard to clearly understand our product requirements and to provide accurate quotes during our procurement process. If a question arises, they quickly contact us so that we can proactively discuss the situation and confirm next steps. We truly appreciate Sandmeyer Steel's commitment to quality and on time delivery and are excited about future synergies between our two companies.

Northeast Valve Manufacturer

Customer of 20+ Years

A great company with quality product, customer service and representation. Have never had any issues, this company is definitely a company to look into doing business with.

West Coast Steel Plate Fabricator

Customer of 40+ years

Deadline-Driven Business

On the surface it doesn't seem to make sense logistically, an east coast supplier selling to a west coast company, doing business in a quick turnaround environment that we operate in. Yet it works. Their inside sales staff provide us with quick quoting service on all inquiries and expedited services can be arranged when required.

One-Stop Shop

The extensive inventory at Sandmeyer Steel allows for a "one stop shop" attitude when looking for stainless and nickel alloy plate products. Material traceability is a major factor in our business and I have complete confidence in Sandmeyer's material control program.


Over the years close relationships can develop between vendor and customer when one feels they are getting the support from management. It is a partnership that works.

West Coast Expansion Joint Manufacturer

Customer of 5 years

We are a California corporation with many local options for laser and waterjet cut materials. Even with the added freight, Sandmeyer has become one of our most competitive resources and equally important, our most reliable. A recent example of their dependability was when we were tasked with building an emergency expansion joint for an acid plant that was down. We chose to add overnight air freight to the Sandmeyer parts purchase because we trusted that they would not let us down. The quality has never been an issue as their QC department catches any discrepancy before it is shipped. Love these guys!

West Coast Heat Exchanger Manufacturer

Customer 20+ years

Sandmeyer Steel is without peer in customer service and has the required material in inventory and available at anytime 24/7. Sandmeyer Steel is our primary tier supplier for stainless and alloy plate requirements. Our sales contacts, Donna Martin and Mary Osborne continually demonstrate the highest standards of customer service.

Mid-Atlantic Steel Plate Fabricator

Customer of 40+ years

The entire Sandmeyer company, from the President to the Truck Driver, listens to our company’s needs, and responds accordingly:

  • INVENTORY: Sandmeyer constantly re-visits our size and alloy selections to help us stay ahead of the curve.? Sandmeyer Steel also offers nuclear quality plate to support our ASME Code applications.
  • QUALITY: Sandmeyer carefully selects their plate vendors on a worldwide basis to provide the best quality plate product available, while providing the best value.? Their Receiving Inspection eliminates any surprises when pulling plates for us and reliable dimensional information is always available, from which we can select individual plates that best fit our current requirements.? When asked, they quickly perform thickness scanning with ultrasound for thickness variations measurements which are important to our product.
  • SERVICE:? Sandmeyer is clearly the market leader as it relates to servicing our account.? They have taken the time to learn our particular product requirements, and often make cost saving recommendations based on that knowledge.? Sales and Technical support are always available, and their documentation is second to none.
  • SPEED:? Our business is based on fast and accurate responses, and expedited deliveries.? Inquiries are responded to almost immediately.? Sandmeyer provides us with a strong competitive edge when responding to our customer’s quick delivery needs.
  • CONSISTENCY: Sandmeyer’s corporate culture is unique in the service center industry in that they carry forward many of the disciplines that have served they and their customers so well in their 60+ years in business.? At the same time, they are constantly pursuing the latest in both product and process improvements, and continue to innovate as the market place demands.

Great people, great product offerings, and great servicethat’s why we buy from Sandmeyer Steel.