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Quality System Certificate

An ASME Section III Quality System Certificate Holder for Nuclear Material Organizations - ASME Certificate Number QSC-619

Our plate products are essential in various applications throughout the nuclear industry. They are used in critical components such as safety-related core parts, shell plates, and tube sheets. Our plates also utilized in baffles and support plates for condensers, pressurizers, and heat exchangers. We provide plate that can be rolled and welded, custom plate flanges for piping systems, and near-net shapes for valves, pumps, and fittings. Additionally, our plates are used in the construction of nuclear waste casks and canisters. Choose Sandmeyer Steel for reliable, versatile solutions that meet the stringent demands of the nuclear sector.

Other Nuclear Quality Program Accreditations:

  • NCA-3800 Material Organization (QSC #619)
  • 10 CFR 50 Appendix B
  • 10 CFR Part 21
  • NQA-1
  • NIAC Approved
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